I have problem about the pimple at my face. Now i stay at USA and the weather at here is so dry but my face still have a lot of pimple and i can't put the lotion because it make a new pimple for my face but some area at my face really dry. So i don't know how to do that and I would like the doctor tell me what kind of cream or lotion in Rajdhevee that i can use and make it better. Thank you very much ....
คำถามที่:Q7809| จากคุณJutha_amp| 06/11/2546 07:51 น.
firstly, you need to use a moisturizer to promote more healthier skin and if you can wash your face with water only, It will help your face not so dry as you told me. Then, you need to use ''benzoel peroxide'' and ''vitamin acid cream'' to treat the pimple. I suggest you to consult your doctor there if there is much more inflammation.
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