If you have no problem, may i know about the cause of baldness.
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ALOPECIA (Hair Loss) may characterized in many features, for example, diffused or non-diffused, scarring or non-scarring.
Various causes may be due to
- Genetic factor (e.g. male-pattern baldness)
- Hormonal effects (e.g. pregnancy, thyroid diseases)
- Autoimmune diseases (e.g. diabetes)
- Systemic diseases (e.g. secondary syphilis, SLE, post-operation)
- Drugs (e.g. heparin, oral contraceptive pill)
- Nutritional factors (e.g. weight loss, ZINC or BIOTIN DEFICIENCY)
- Chemical agents
- Psychological stress
- Aging
Any further information about hair, you may contact 0 2734 1691-2 (Rajdhevee Hair Clinic).
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